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I am gifted with a great many things in my life even when I’m complaining and having terrible strings of bad luck at work or school, I am still very gifted in my life and truly one of the greatest gifts I have in my life is my beyond amazing boyfriend who makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world everyday I get to have him in my life. Words don’t cover how much I love him and how amazing he is. C:

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This is Susan Robinson, one of the last people in the country who can preform late term abortions after the murder of Dr. George Tiller. This is from an awesome documentary called After Tiller, about the last 4 late-term abortion practitioners in the country. It’s a great watch and available on Netflix, would strongly recommend. 

warrior woman

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Have you ever seen something completely baffling but also technically excellent? I can’t believe how well this person edited Jane into Treasure Planet so she and Captain Amelia could fight the bad guy from Osmosis Jones. “Man,” I say to myself, “I could never make this bizarre music video about beloved animated characters becoming ghosts.”

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Twin Peaks (1990-1991) //  the empty rooms

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Real talk: 365-DaysOfDoodles from deviantart is everything to me. Prepare for tons of his stuff.

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vancouver aquarium, may 2013. photos andy clark

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Cement eclipses; tiny cement skeletons haunt the streets in Mexico.

the skeleton war hit us hard


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Brown Sugar Maple Bacon Cookie Recipe is live on the blog! Check it out on Sweets by Savannah!

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is that a snake in your pocket or are you just happy t- oh shit its a snake


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